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US Military Veterans have a lot to offer the commercial business sector as they pursue civilian careers after serving their country.  Many have been leading large teams to successful achievement of difficult milestones in stressful environments with a complex group of stakeholders for 20+ years.  All have received extensive leadership training and developed specialized skills that have been proven to translate into success in non-military environments.   

However, there is a problem. These highly trained, accomplished leaders face a whole new set of challenges as they transition to the civilian business sector.  The value that they possess is not well understood and they are frequently denied opportunities to demonstrate their capabilities as a result. 

SmartMoney Veterans is a group of veterans who have successfully translated military leadership qualities into career success in the civilian sector.  Our team and affiliates are committed bridging the gaps that prevent both veterans and civilians from leveraging opportunities to work together to achieve milestones of economic growth and stability that benefit everyone.  

Our signature program is Startup Battlefield 101, launching in April 2018.  The program starts by introducing the landscape of innovative startups as a simulated battlefield.


Military veterans have created world class companies,

high paying jobs and economic growth.

Examples include Walmart co-founder Sam Walton (Army), FedEx co-founder Fred Smith (Marine Corps), and Skullcandy CEO Jason Hodell (Army, West Point Graduate, Airborne Ranger).  

You could be next on this list.


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