Industry groups and veteran support groups are all eligible to be a part of the SmartMoney Startups Community.  If your organization is a non-profit, you can participate at no cost.

If your group supports veterans, we invite you to join us as a non-monetary affiliate partner in exchange for your promotional support for the launch of our introductory course “Startup Battlefield 101”.  

We'll provide your group with significant promotion and visibility, by offering: 

  • Logo on the event Web site
  • Logo on the front cover of the event guide distributed to all participants and guest speakers
  • Logo on signage throughout the event 
  • Recognition in email marketing campaigns delivering impressions to thousands of veterans and executives 
  • Mentions in post-event follow-up communications

In return, your group will provide SmartMoney Veterans with:

  • 2 stand-alone email announcements to your network announcing Startup Battlefield 101 course
  • Listing of Startup Battlefield 101 as a supported event to be noted on your Web site and in your existing newsletters leading up to the event.  
  • Promotion of Startup Battlefield 101 on Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.) with messaging provided by SmartMoney Veterans.  

If your company is for-profit, we encourage you to explore multiple ways that you can support veterans transitioning into the civilian workplace.  Click below for details.